Topic outline

  • General

    The Ministry of Tourism international offices are conducting a series of webinars.For your convenience, we publish the recordings of those Webinars

    • New discoveries found in the biblical city of David, a biblical seminar

      2.4.2020 – 11:00AM London Time

      The lecture will focus on the new discoveries made in the Biblical city of David.

      Lecture by Dr Shahar Shilo



      • Constant Improvement and Evaluation

        2.4.2020 2:00PM Stockholm Time


        Usually, when we are in the hectic day to day we don't have the time to evolve and consider new strategies. It was Claude Bernard who said "It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning". So we are utilizing the time for reflection and want to invite you to join! Just like the Scouts phrase "Be prepared" We want to prepare today for tomorrow.

        This is why we collaborate with
        Eran Ketter, Ph.D. a specialist in global trends, crisis management
        Itai Green entrepreneur an expert in innovation in organizations and creative thinking.

        Who is that for? Airports, Tour operators, agencies, consortia, media, PR and basically everyone!

        Join us! Feel free the share the opportunity




        • Travel to Inspirational Israel

          7.4.2020 12:00 PM Toronto Time




          • New Discoveries found in the Biblical city of David

            07.04.2020, 13:30 London Time

            This lecture will focus on the new discoveries made in the Biblical city of David. 

            The discussion will be on the ongoing excavation of the Roman period street from the times of Christ, which has been excavated for over the last 4 years.



            • L’chaim!

              22.04.2020, 18:00 Israel Time

              A virtual wine evening, focusing on the wines of Israel -  from tradition to Innovation.

              With one of Israel’s leading wine experts and CEO of Vinspiration, Guy Haran.



              • Classic round tour of Israel with some hidden gems

                23.04.2020, 11:00 London Time


                • Crisis management, Technology, the future trends and in between

                  The current situation in which we are facing the COVID19 is a time to re-evaluate strategies, to improve efficiency, to 

                  implement a more of data-driven approach and to utilize the time to elevate as oppose to focusing in cutting loses only.

                  In this Webinar we will Host:

                  Mr. Gal Hana - Israel consul of Tourism for Canada

                  Mr. Eran Ketter (PhD) - a tourism-resilience advisor and keynote speaker

                  Mr. Itai Green, Corporate Open Innovation expert, Innovate Israel & ITTS Founder


                  • Gastronomy Webinar

                    30.04.2020, Philippines\Hong Kong Time 15:00, Israel Time 10:00



                    • City Breaks- Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (but not only)

                      30.04.2020, 11:00 London Time



                      • Eat & drink and eat some more

                        07.05.2020, 11:00 London Time



                        • Accessible Israel Webinar

                          12.05.2020, 11:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada)

                          Before we were all asked to stay home, many in Israel were focused on making sure that there was a way for everyone to get out of the house and #visitisrael.

                          Please Join Yael Golan, Director and Consul of the Southern Region of the US, as well as some of the most inspiring travel professionals you will meet to "Explore Accessible Israel" next Tuesday, May 12 at 11AM ET and 8AM PT.

                          As a destination, we have come a long way (though there is always further to go) from Jerusalem emergence as the first accessible UNESCO World Heritage Site to Yad Sarah, a wonderful organization providing complimentary medical equipment rentals to visitors.



                          • Hummus

                            13.05.2020, 19:00 London Time

                            .All you ever wanted to know about Hummus and some more, an interactive webinar with one of Israel’s leading Hummus experts



                            • Sports & Adventure around Israel

                              14.05.2020, 11:00 London Time



                              • Israeli Travel Tech showcase

                                26.05.2020, Israel Time 21:00, New York Time 14:00, Los Angeles Time 11:00

                                Please join us in a conversation with 10 Israeli Travel-Tech Startups about how Israeli Tech Can Bounce Travel Back!

                                We will discuss technological solutions, ideas and strategies to apply during and post-Covid19 era.



                                • Israel versus Corona

                                  04.06.2020, Jerusalem Time 10:00, Manila/Hong Kong Time 15:00, New Delhi Time 12:30



                                  • Q&A Tourism in Israel post COVID-19

                                    The webinar explain and clarify the current situation in Israel and try to have a look into the future.



                                    • New Discoveries relating to the Location in Jerusalem of the Trial of Jesus

                                      18.06.2020, 19:00 London Time



                                      • New Discoveries relating to the Location in Jerusalem of the Trial of Jesus A biblical

                                        30.06.2020, 14:00 London Time



                                        • Coffee Break

                                          07.07.2020, 11:00 London Time

                                          The Israel Tourist Office is pleased to invite you to attend our short “Coffee Break” seminar in conjunction with OTT.

                                          We’ve planned something very special for you: Ms Ori Shavit, one of Israel’s most influential leaders in Israel’s vegan revolution, is doing a live cooking demonstration from her kitchen in Israel.

                                          Ori will show you how to cook vegan shakshuka, as well as discuss how Israel is turning into one of the best places on earth to enjoy vegan food.

                                          We’ll send you the ingredient list before hand in case you want to cook along with the demo – it’s going to be both fun & fascinating!



                                          • The New Roman Period Street

                                            29.07.2020, 19:00 London Time



                                            • The Sea Of Galilee virtual tour (By ‘AmazingJerusaelm’ tours)


                                              Brought to you on behalf of the Israel Government tourist Office in London together with Worldwide Christian Travel



                                              • A Sip of Israel in North America

                                                19.08.2020,North America



                                                • The Path to Recovery - Focus on the Israel Hotel Sector

                                                  01.09.2020, 19:00 London Time



                                                  • New findings in Jerusalem related to the location of the Trial of Jesus - Dr. Shahar Shilo

                                                    01.09.2020, 19:00 London Time



                                                    • A Virtual Roundtable

                                                      22.09.2020, Toronto, Canada

                                                      The Ministry of Tourism conducted a first-ever Zoom in on Israel virtual roundtable for Canadian travel industry professionals




                                                      CJ Journesy

                                                      Dan Tours

                                                      Diesenhaus Unitours

                                                      Air Canada

                                                      Kenes Tours

                                                      • A virtual tour TO TEL AVIV through innovation & sustainability


                                                        Galit Reismann, Tel Aviv based fashion entrepreneur, curator, and tastemaker hosted a virtual tour of the city's most innovative studios, enlightening our journey with fashion stories from the early days of the country till nowadays fashion scene, allowing us to meet the makers, feel the vibe and get the inside scoop on Israeli's fashion and design trends, also under the Covid-19 pandemic.